Ramadan Day 3 – Overheard in Nebraska

Overheard in Nebraska

corn wouldn’t exist without people it’d be extinct


what won’t come out is that spicy beef jerky that’s not natural either

and then he just stood real close to the party tray and whooosh well goshdarnit


we all brought him baked goods burnt brownies burnt cookies burnt cake

i just walk around town and listen to people i like that the best which way is the courthouse


these conversations here are the best but Nebraskans are all married and have children

this woman comes round the corner hits my car she’s got no insurance i tell this lawyer he says she’s Black and on welfare so how you expect to get money from her so I didn’t sue her


i’m not a racist i married an Indian been 40 years she’s the hardest working person you ever seen she’s out there right now tearing up the yard

he’s a real piece of work thinks he’s a ladies’ man


his dad owned the bar over there his name was Fast Jack

you just saw a fighter jet that’s Strategic Air Command over here got planes for fourteen levels they brought George Bush over there when 9/11 happened


because we’re in the middle of the country shorten it up you call it SAC

her kid doesn’t even know how to hold a paintbrush


you could say it’s no culture but that time i met Toni Morrison and she said she was a librarian her first job ever

isn’t Joe Volk’s taxidermy amazing i have to show you this 3 legged chick


he really wanted to reach 100 he was real sad he didn’t make it

i love your work


just like Amy Tan

that terrorist in Charleston killed 9 Black people so we’d be much obliged if y’all would take down that Confederate Flag have you seen the pictures of him wrapped up in it so please take it down






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