How my mother saved my life – VONA 2012

dedicated to Jennifer Derilo

Hnnnh hnnnh

My mouth askew – a fish on the shore

gills pulsing

grasping for final breath

Hnnnh hnnnh

beep beep

Death is such a deep blue sea

thump thump

Of the cresting wave

Hnnnh hnnnh

my tar-stuffed, narrow lung

my rotting life, the words are growing worms

my trauma, gleaming hooks

***[zombie time]***

Her mouth asking questions – the perfect O

Her mother slides out of the closet!

Moldy licorice eyes

The dark smells like gangrene

Canines sharp, fingertips dirty

tearing, biting her chest,

excising, ripping, deconstructing, resecting

The tumor IS inside


chewing on that piece of speckled flesh

she runs her finger along her mother’s distended jaw

“Mommy you came back for me.”


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