from 8.23.11 what if we happen: collaborative generating #16 by ching-in chen


up this body
the curtains flush /pushed aside /a sigh
i the girl with longing for the maraschino queens
the balcony deluged with their Velveeta toes,
their Catholic biceps, their shin guards pressed
against four carpet corners of prayer,
whispers: “assalam-o-laikum”
their Nerf spiraled into longing, and deeper
so i could swim in it, dive
into their bearded world, signaled
by an aching gong — the electricity of tissue,
our fulfillment made from frolicking
our cradle made from sexy
i want to be the bearer of tidings,
of no barriers, pointless tents
a sequel comes, sweaty remembrance
of a child’s reconciliation
into an innocent river
into an aging sea

(prompt from Torso Fetish by Lisa Chen via Tamiko Beyer)
(mix and match with ching-in chen, rachelle cruz, toddw, hari malagayo alluri, dani)

prompt for tomorrow: from The Sense of an Ending by Frank Kermode “The clock’s ‘tick-tock’ I take to be a model of what we call a plot, an organisation which humanises time by giving it a form; and the interval between ‘tock’ and ‘tick’ represents purely successive, disorganised time of the sort we need to humanise.”


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