from Ching-In Chen’s 8.22.11 what our gaps: collaborative generating #15

What would the journey towards filling the empty look like? – Monica Hand

steepling at the edge, ripples to wind
a pencil between her chocolate-stained teeth
she: a one-armed caretaker: jumps
in the limitless litany of wasabi-stung lips
of salty questions flavored by the
stillness of onions
i am your aslyum
stung indifferently
the deeper labor: is in the question
that lives
that is alive
no matter how platonic your ash
how labored your soil
i am one who finds
goodbye is the time
we share.

(poetrics from ching-in chen, rachelle cruz, monica hand, hari malagayo alluri, melissa morrow, carol gomez, todd wellman)


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