someday los angeles will have free public transportation for ALL

i i i s-s-see a bus riding on the subway to the sea.  i i i s-s-see a bus opening its doors to me.  metallic and silver, encased in red.  a speedy bullet, with an accordian for a middle.  what?  you say WHAT?

it runs on its wheels like the zipper fly — smooth, every tread is accomplishing its purpose.  sometimes it stops on a really, really hot day in the middle of the corner, and then lurches forward a couple extra blocks.  you pull on the yellow cord, and love the toothless man next to you.  but you don’t discuss it much.  who AM i?  you say?

sometime i run on a lane where i’m the only one, but that’s in my sleep.  a guy stood up today and wondered why he had to pay $6 for an all-day pass.  that’s rotten.  i don’t deserve that much, because i’m here for everybody.  i’m a loyal soldier.  i’m a compensated electrician.  i’m a happy puppy.  i’m an ambitious president.  i’m a lookie-loo neighbor.  i am a connector, a day-dreamer, a river that runs through it.

no, seriously, what’s going on is that the bus is riding the people into town for work today.


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