a case of the lonelys

it happens all the time

after a long day, when you’ve been super successful

at everything you put your hand to

after everybody, that friend who’s always single

and partying, has multiplied themselves into a couple,

you’re pushing buttons on a tv remote

you’re eating the gourmet meal you’ve made

from scratch — you know — to treat yourself

you burp, and ain’t nobody you can apologize to

when you’re soul-talking with your friends

and suddenly you’re distracted by the lonelys

when you’ve read a good book, and you

sympathize with the tragic arc

so you post about it, a bunch of people

you don’t know very well — “like” it —

after a performance, a poem, when you’ve put it all

out on the line and you’ve touched a life

when everybody tells you how amazing

how powerful, how handsome/pretty, how smart

you really are, and you’ve come home

to a clock that’s changing its face

every minute

it happens all the time

after a long day, when everything you’ve done

has crashed and burned to shit and you want to hide

but you know you absolutely cannot hide

from yourself, so you smile with your mouth

while your eyes pull a bit at the corners

after a long day,

you drink in the loneliness

you somehow always find your heart

between the spaces of your breath.


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