traffic on fairfax is so bad wish i didn’t listen to my gps

man framing the poster by h. silva messed it up, so i gotta go back

get it done again again

the hill was really steep and i was driving a stick shift

had to let go of somebody i love, ain’t no easy task with reminders everywhere

some of my friends are weak, even though i’m not so there’s a lot to forgive

the choices i make are hard, not going to certain places, avoiding the party

that’s a mess of serpents, not reacting to immaturity, but still a part

of me is not interested in growing up

i tried to grow up but it got harder and harder every day

i found my umbrella in the backseat, listened to joni mitchell,

had some hot soup, and so i’m wondering if i’m really okay after all

all of this in the rain


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