a meditation on objects

something dark and furry travels lightning quick

into another world

what happens when it touches this other place?

does it retain its character?

does it transmorgify into something else?  a person?  a feeling?  a place? a value?

does the transformation somehow change the objects in its fundamental character?

by changing the nature of an object, am i changing the nature of something else?

how do i figure this out?  what the efF am I trying to say?

ARGGH!  (as you can see i’m having a hard time writing right now).

probably, my next post will be called a brief history of objects.

this is supposed to be a poem, but it’s turning into another of my rants.

it needs to become, somehow, a fabric of either the land or the people themselves

need to absorb the object and its accompanying emotional intent, thrust, motive.

blabity blab.


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