don’t make me stop!

don’t be all, like, screaming in my ear

serena this serena that

fuckin telling me i need

to deal with you

when i’ve got shit to do

got to press on

got to get out

why you weighing me down?

asking me questions?

depressing me…why you gotta’ do that?

press on my chest til i can’t breathe

i’m not talking to you

make me all serious and tough

make me build walls and think

all the damn time

telling everybody i’m okay i’m happy

i’m lying

i’m drowning

it’s all about you, like you’re so important

you’re nothing a bully with fists

a speck a blip a figment

i don’t know you

you’re nothing yesterday’s news

just shut up, and stop telling me,

you think we’re so alike

we’re different

you can forget about

having dinner at my place

watching t.v. with me

reading that book

bugging me while i write

so let me ask you again:

why you gotta’ be like that?

when you don’t even know me


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